EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage


Ms L Cowley - Nursery Leader


Mrs P Kamara - Year Group Leader
Mrs C Lottering - Class Teacher
Miss V Varvalho - Class Teacher

Key Stage 1

Year 1

Mrs S Bhandari - Class Teacher
Mrs S Body - Year Group Leader (Mon-Wed)
                  Mrs N Sansom - Year Group Leader (Wed-Fri)                                       Miss L Cullen- Class Teacher

Year 2

Miss C Bogue Year Group Leader
Miss A Ali - Class Teacher
Mrs G Harris - Class Teacher  / Mrs M Garnham - Class Teacher

Key Stage 2

Year 3

Miss C Hunt - Lower Phase Leader (Y1-3) and Year 3 Group Leader
Mrs H Kelsey - Class Teacher
Mrs P Dhillon - Class Teacher

Year 4

Mrs R Holland - Year Group Leader
Miss M Matthews- Class Teacher

Mr M Juskiewicz - Class Teacher

Year 5

Miss T Spencer- Upper Phase Leader (Y4-6) and Year Group Leader
Miss S Lovell - Class Teacher / Mr J Watson - Class Teacher
Ms E Chaplin- Class Teacher

Year 6

Mrs A May - Year Group Leader
Miss G Benn - Class Teacher
Mr M Hogan - Class Teacher

Senior Leadership Team

Miss H. Willis - Headteacher
Mrs G. Harris, Miss C. Bridger - Deputy Headteachers
Mrs J. Coleman - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs R. Kaura - SENCO
Miss T. Spencer - Upper Phase Leader (Years 4-6)
Miss C. Hunt - Lower Phase Leader (Years 1-3)

Admin and Premises Team

Mrs T. Brett - Office Manager
Mrs J. Sowter, Mrs S. Sowter-Hughes - Admin Assistants
Mrs L. Magill - Receptionist
Miss J Bessant - Finance Officer
Miss Y. Whittington - Pastoral Assistant and Attendance Officer
Mr D. Liddell - Site Manager
Ms A. Hunt - Assistant Caretaker

Other Staff

Mrs K. Harchowal - EAL Teacher
Mrs .J Bird - Family Engagement Officer
Mrs M. Begley - Parent Support Worker, vulnerable families (part-time)
Mrs J. Haylock - Play Therapist (Wednesday mornings)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs P. Bhath
Mrs B. Wahda
Miss H. Abdi
Mrs D. Wolanin  
Miss K. Wilson 
Miss C. Mrs S. Solanki
Mrs P. Bhardwaj
Mrs E. Malone 
Miss D. MacWilliams
Ms W. Mumberson
Mrs L. Foley
Mrs A. Bhattacharya
Miss T. Walker
Mrs B. Botto
Mrs D. Vakada 
Mrs S. Baig


Mrs K. Chopra
Mrs J. Lomas
Mrs V. Evans


Mrs M. Boddington
Mrs A. Bolobol
Mrs B. Botto

Mrs K. Chopra  
Miss T. Curtis 

Mrs. Engel

Mrs S. Graver
Mrs J. Green
Miss P. Howard
Miss D. Hughs
Miss J. Mumberson
Mrs T. Palmer
Mrs D. Popat
Mrs R. Schuster
Mrs Z. Tothova
Mrs C. Anumnu (Relief) 
Mrs J. Rhodes (Relief) 

Cleaning Staff

Mrs S. Grimes
Mrs S. Seymour
Mrs S. Engel
Mrs E. Liddell
Mrs T. Palmer
Miss K. Gunning
Mrs J. Green
Mrs R. Cole
Mrs P. Mahoney 
Ms A. Hunt 















For further information about our staff and how we can help, please download our Who's Who leaflet by clicking here.